We will work with anyone – to make the future work for everyone.
Overstuffed prisons. Rising energy costs. Too little opportunity. And too much division to act.

At Dream.Org, we know that some of our greatest problems also contain some of our greatest opportunities. But we know we can’t make lasting change without a big, broad coalition.

From ending mass incarceration, to stopping climate change, to creating new economic opportunities in overlooked communities, the only durable solutions are the ones that lots of people create together. Common ground is often found in uncommon places. We will work with anyone who is willing to be a part of the solution, even if we disagree on many things. Our communities deserve nothing less.

Already, this approach has won bipartisan criminal justice reform that brought 30,000+ people home from behind bars, helped 500+ BIPOC individuals pursue lucrative careers in the tech and climate space, and shaped the largest Inflation Reduction Act climate program to allocate $18 billion for disadvantaged communities.

Previously known as the Dream Corps, Dream.Org was founded by activist and entrepreneur Van Jones. And through our programs we are working towards an America with fewer people behind bars, less pollution, and more opportunity.
Together, we dream of a country with freedom, dignity, and opportunity for all.
How We Do It
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The future starts with a dream.
The future starts with us.
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