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Sean Wilson
Senior Director of Organizing and Partnerships
Sean is the Senior Director of Organizing and Partnerships at Dream.Org. In his role, he is responsible for overseeing capacity building, leadership development programs, and grassroots partnerships. Over the past two and a half years, Sean has led the team in building one of the most transformational training programs in the nation - The Dream Justice Cohort, as part of the Justice program. Sean was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has organized at the state and local level around policy change related to youth justice, voting rights, police reform, and criminal justice. He is well-positioned to influence real reform and has trained over 300 advocates in organizing and leadership development, bringing about policy and legislative change at the local and state levels. As someone who is system-impacted, Sean brings an advantage and insight into a system he believes is in need of reform by investing in the leadership of those most proximate to the issue and problem.

Previously, Sean served as a commissioner on the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission, where he advised the DOJ on its juvenile justice programs and funding decisions. He also serves as a Co-Instructor at Marquette University, providing academic support and career-building resources for incarcerated and recently released students.

He was recently featured in HBO's "Growing Up Milwaukee" documentary, which highlights the challenges faced by Black youth. Sean is an active member of several boards and is a sought-after guest on numerous podcasts and media platforms where he shares his story of resilience and advocates for change.
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