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Brittany Lee
Empathy Network Manager
Brittany Lee focuses on striving to grow through laughter and deep conversations. Her background is in strategic planning, leadership training, graphic designing and the legal system with a focus on creating sustainability, growth and growing legacies in our community and the impact of the carceral system. Brittany graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Legal Studies and a certificate in Criminal Justice. Additionally, she has a certificate in Coding from UW-Extension. Brittany previously worked as the Operations Manager for EXPO, an organization that focuses on policy and advocacy for those impacted by the legal system. Using her gifts in graphic designing, she is the Marketing and Communications Chair for the Urban League Young Professionals for her local Chapter. Recently she graduated from the Dream.Org Empathy Network Cohort. In her free time she ventures around taking long hikes with her dog, King T’Challa, reading, live storytelling and finding new local coffee shops often with a book in hand! She brings an acute sense of detail in understanding policies and the law. Her love for liberating people through influencing policy comes from her deep interest for people in our community thriving and utilizing the policies to do just that.
The future starts with a dream.
The future starts with us.
Black woman standing in front of protestors.