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Edilah Jordan
Senior Director of Transformative Communities
Edilah Jordan is the Senior Director of Transformative Communities Program. Green For All works at the intersection of the environmental, economic, and racial justice movements to advance solutions to communities most affected by poverty and pollution. Edilah plays a pivotal role in leading the execution of Transformative Communities’ agenda, ensuring the most underrepresented communities benefit from the $369 billion Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Through a tailored technical assistance strategy, stakeholders gain support in accessing investments and readying their climate infrastructure projects for deployment. Edilah has a strategic commitment to environmental justice and equity. She fosters relationships with local government officials, financial institutions, and community leaders to ensure minority-owned businesses are not only at the table, but the first in line to build out these infrastructure projects. Transformative Communities collaborates with expert consultants trained in centering equity in project development work to ensure communities get the level of niche expertise needed to move their project forward.

Born into the foster care system, Edilah quickly grew a love for serving impoverished communities. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign. Edilah traveled to third-world countries and conducted sustainable housing and neighborhood revitalization initiatives. Edilah believes everyone deserves an equal opportunity to healthcare, education, clean air and water, and energy efficient homeownership.
The future starts with a dream.
The future starts with us.
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