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Jessica MacTurk
Justice Campaign Organizer
Jessica MacTurk is the Justice Campaign Organizer at Dream.Org. In this role, she does legislative advocacy on the state level, empowering and supporting Empathy Network leaders to pass legislation in their home states on criminal justice issues. Jessica believes strongly in continuing education and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology, a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Paralegal diploma. As a system impacted individual, Jessica is passionate about ending mass incarceration and improving conditions of confinement for those who remain behind bars. In addition to her legislative advocacy work here at Dream.Org, Jessica is a board member and policy coordinator for Arizonans for Transparency and Accountability in Corrections (ATAC) and mentors returning citizens through the Televerde Foundation. She is also a graduate of Dream.Org’s 2022 Empathy Network Advocacy Cohort.
The future starts with a dream.
The future starts with us.
Black woman standing in front of protestors.