Green For All
We dream of a world beyond pollution. We work for cleaner air and water, affordable energy, and good jobs for all.
We dream of a world
beyond pollution. We
work to win cleaner air
and water, affordable
energy, and good jobs
for all.
Green For All
We dream of a world beyond pollution. We work to win cleaner air and water, affordable energy, and good jobs for all.
The climate crisis threatens our health, our neighborhoods, and our pocketbooks. But those burdens are not evenly shared, and current solutions leave some people out.
The Green For All program works to ensure that, as the green economy grows, all communities will benefit from good jobs, better health, and increased opportunity. Together, we dream of a healthy, sustainable future that is green for all, not green for some.

Now that Congress has approved billions of dollars for new green infrastructure investments, Green For All is working with federal, state, and local leaders to ensure that this funding gets to the communities that need it most but have had the hardest time accessing it. By helping more black and brown businesses enter the green economy, we can make the solutions to climate change an opportunity to invest in the communities most impacted by it.
What we’re working on:
Climate Justice
Climate Investments
Transforming Communities
Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship
Climate Awareness
Climate Justice

Low-income communities and communities of color are most impacted by climate change and pollution, but least likely to be a part of the solutions. To have a just transition to the green economy, we must advocate for climate investments to not only improve the health and wellbeing of these communities but also create equitable access to the work and wealth opportunities that the green transition promises.  Through our work with leaders at the federal and state levels, we are changing this by supporting policies and programs that will create cleaner, healthier communities. 

On the federal level, we are working to protect critical Inflation Reduction Act investments, including the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. We believe these investments are critical to getting the U.S. on track to make meaningful progress toward reducing climate emissions while uplifting impacted communities. We’re also working to accelerate permitting for clean energy projects so that we can scale green infrastructure with urgency while engaging community voices and protecting vulnerable communities. 

On the state level, we are taking California’s community-led climate investment program to a national scale. We’re working on policy campaigns in four states: Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, and Colorado. Our team is replicating the Transformative Climate Communities legislation to ensure states are ready to receive and equitably implement funds from the Inflation Reduction Act, and to ensure that community engagement is integral to the rollout of these funds. 

Climate Investments

The Climate Investments team has a ten year goal of ensuring that at least 40% of Federal climate funding goes to disadvantaged communities across the country. In collaboration with the Transformative Communities team and Dream Business Network, we also aim to ensure that at least 15% of Federal climate contracts stemming from historic legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act are awarded to minority-owned companies to build out climate projects. We also strive to support the 2050 carbon neutrality goal. 

We believe that the green transition represents a huge opportunity to tackle the racial wealth gap - by moving money to communities most impacted by poverty and pollution, and through Black and Brown owned businesses to create long lasting change and wealth-building opportunities. 

Meet Jacquelyn Omotalade: leading the charge for climate investments at Dream.Org!

Transforming Communities

With the historic passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), there are now billions of dollars available for the green economy. This is an opportunity to ensure these essential government funds are going to the communities that need them most. Through local advocacy and in coordination with our state and federal policy efforts, we work with geographically and politically diverse disadvantaged communities to position them to compete for federal investments by providing planning and technical assistance support. 

No one knows what a community needs better than the community itself. That's why Dream.Org is launching our Transformative Communities initiative. We're engaging with 10 priority communities to help unlock federal climate dollars that meet their unique needs. This year we’ll be in: Fresno, CA; Washington D.C.; Denver, CO; Miami-Dade, FL; Detroit, MI; Las Vegas, NV; Riverside + San Bernardino, CA; Lumbee River, NC; Savannah, GA; Richmond, CA

Are you part of a community-based organization interested in our  local work? Sign up to receive The Green Spotlight - a newsletter aimed at providing local groups with grant opportunities, technical assistance resources, and climate project success stories.

Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship

Black and Brown communities are most severely impacted by climate change and yet are rarely included in the creation of solutions. By bringing these communities into the conversation and making changes to the structural barriers keeping them out, we find equitable solutions to create a more inclusive green economy. That’s why we launched the Clean Energy Scholarship program to help more individuals – particularly those in communities of color – take a first step towards a green future, whether it’s getting an education or launching a business. And through our Dream.Org Business Council, we are ensuring Black and Brown entrepreneurs and innovators are at the forefront of the green transition by lifting up breakthrough ideas and technologies.

Building on the Green For All Clean Energy Scholarship Program, the Dream.Org Business Council Fellowship Program takes investing in diverse talent a step further by providing a full year of experience in a green job.

Climate Awareness

According to recent studies, approximately only 1 in 3 people know about the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides a historic opportunity to tackle climate change and advance equity at the same time. Dream.Org is working to change that through our Live Green or Die Tryin' campaign, which is raising awareness about the $369 billion in climate investments that the IRA provides. But education is only the first step. In 2023, Dream.Org is partnering with 10 underserved communities across the U.S. to help community-based organizations, local governments, and minority-owned businesses apply for these funds while implementing robust community engagement strategies. Learn more here.

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