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Partnering for climate equity
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Local projects with generational impact

No one knows what a community needs better than the community itself. That's why our Transformative Communities work is rooted in deep partnerships with on-the-ground stakeholders to expand clean energy, increase energy efficiency, and improve access to clean transportation. We seek to center local community vision, uplifting the community’s unique needs through technical assistance, education, and collaboration. 

We're working in geographically and politically diverse disadvantaged communities across the U.S. to unlock federal funding for community-supported climate projects while creating opportunities for minority-owned green businesses to build them out.

Our Approach 

--> Helping community-based organizations and local entrepreneurs access federal funds and develop shovel-ready projects.

--> Educating local stakeholders and organizations about how to compete for federal funds

--> Partnering with investors to increase access to private funding for BIPOC-owned community organizations and businesses.

Our goal is to leverage public funding to attract private capital and fully implement community-level projects in 25 disadvantaged communities that reduce pollution and create economic opportunity. 

Building Partnerships

The Green For All team is working shoulder-to-shoulder with local stakeholders in disadvantaged communities across the country to help them prepare and compete for federal climate investments. Over the next ten years, the Green For All team will engage with community-based organizations, local government, and financial institutions in 25 communities to uplift and accelerate local visions for transformative climate infrastructure projects.

Technical Assistance

In partnership with local government and community-based organizations, the Green For All team is providing tailored technical assistance that meets the unique context and needs of the community. This customized assistance supports stakeholders in accessing investments and readying their climate infrastructure projects for deployment. Dream.Org is also collaborating with expert consultants trained in centering equity in project development work to ensure communities get the level of niche expertise needed to move their project forward.

Inclusive Implementation

To bring local climate infrastructure projects across the finish line and build an inclusive green economy in the process, we are working with the Dream Entrepreneurs Network – a group of Black and Brown CEOs in the green economy – to create a powerful network of minority-owned businesses that will serve as preferred partners on community-supported climate infrastructure projects. We are also establishing partnerships with financial investors to remove barriers to capital that will grow and scale diverse-owned businesses, while generating work and wealth opportunities.

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