Climate Investments
Moving money to communities most impacted by poverty and pollution.

The green transition represents an opportunity to tackle the racial wealth gap 

By moving money to communities most impacted by poverty and pollution, and through Black and Brown businesses to create lasting change and wealth-building opportunities.

Our Climate Investments program is dedicated to leveraging both public and private investments to empower a holistic approach to tackling the climate crisis and addressing social and economic inequalities. By directing funds to disadvantaged communities and minority-owned businesses, we can intentionally create a sustainable and equitable future for all.

The Inflation Reduction Act includes a once-in-a-lifetime $27 Billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to implement Justice40 and encourage private investments toward disadvantaged and underserved communities.

The private sector steers clear of risk and market gaps, and the GGRF provides us with the public capital we need to reduce fills and build bridges. This is why we’re committed to fostering partnerships between minority-owned businesses and larger corporations to drive the green transition and create lasting economic opportunities.

Federal & State-Level Advocacy
We hold decision makers accountable and influence the implementation process to ensure equity and community engagement is a priority. We provide strategic recommendations to decisionmakers to ensure capital is deployed in priority regions.
Climate Financing
We actively explore different funding opportunities like the Green Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) and engage with the private sector to unlock financial resources that propel impactful climate projects. We facilitate partnerships that mobilize resources towards transformative climate initiatives.
Transformative Communities
We track funding and provide partners with opportunities that can unlock resources. We focus on knowledge-transfer as a form of empowerment to make sure disadvantaged communities and local governments are informed and ready to receive climate dollars.

Climate Finance Guide
How to leverage partnerships and financing mechanisms to solve environmental and economic problems

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