Green For All
We dream of a world beyond pollution. We work for cleaner air and water, affordable energy, and good jobs for all.
We dream of a world
beyond pollution. We
work to win cleaner air
and water, affordable
energy, and good jobs
for all.
Green For All
We dream of a world beyond pollution. We work to win cleaner air and water, affordable energy, and good jobs for all.
The climate crisis threatens our health, our neighborhoods, and our pocketbooks. But those burdens are not evenly shared, and current solutions leave some people out.
The Green For All program works to ensure that, as the green economy grows, all communities will benefit from good jobs, better health, and increased opportunity. Together, we dream of a healthy, sustainable future that is green for all, not green for some.

By confronting both poverty and pollution and amplifying unheard voices in the climate movement, we have directed billions in federal funding to green investments that have created climate resilience and wealth opportunities for the most impacted communities.
What we’re working on:
Common Ground on Climate
Climate Policy
Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship
Amplifying Voices
Common Ground on Climate

From devastating weather events to rising energy prices, the climate crisis is impacting everyone - conservative and liberal alike. Rather than furthering hate and division, we need to come together to advance common-ground climate solutions. Through our Common Ground Campaign, we are bringing together unlikely allies - from business leaders to politicians to activists - to co-create a path forward that mitigates the impacts of climate change and uplifts communities across the nation.

Support Common Ground

Climate Policy

Around the country, states are leading the way on climate policy, with new laws to encourage more investment in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture practices, and electric transportation. But we need meaningful climate action at the federal level as well. By providing expert policy analysis and stakeholder engagement, we support policies that reduce emissions, increase investments in climate resilient infrastructure, and elevate solutions that address climate change while growing our economy.

Protect our Communities from Pollution

Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship

Black and Brown communities are most severely impacted by climate change and yet are rarely included in the creation of solutions. By bringing these communities into the conversation and making changes to the structural barriers keeping them out, we find equitable solutions to create a more inclusive green economy. That’s why we launched the Clean Energy Scholarship program to help more individuals – particularly those in communities of color – take a first step towards a green future, whether it’s getting an education or launching a business. And through our Green For All Business Council, we are ensuring Black and Brown entrepreneurs and innovators are at the forefront of the green transition by lifting up breakthrough ideas and technologies.


Amplifying Voices

Through empathy-based communications and storytelling, we amplify the voices of people in the climate movement to impact change. Our Solutions Tours highlight folks on the ground in communities across the country who are finding bold, creative solutions to transition to an inclusive, green economy. Our Dialogues Method provides the supportive space to break through the noise, unite unlikely allies around common interests, and advance solutions to climate change. We work with the best and brightest — from neighborhood activists to national organizations, Hip Hop artists to clergy, elected officials to business leaders and civil rights advocates – to build a sustainable future for all.

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Green For All Scholarships Program
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The future starts with a dream.
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