How can $369 billion for climate investments benefit your community?

Will historic climate funding help communities that need it most?

Last summer, Congress approved $369 billion to tackle climate change through the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. Now it's time for us to voice support for community-driven solutions – especially ones that uplift low-income communities and communities of color.

Climate can't wait, and we can't afford for any money to be left on the table.
Unprecedented opportunity
What can $369 billion do?

> Accelerate the transition to clean energy while creating lucrative job opportunities
> Lower energy costs by making homes and appliances more energy efficient
> Make electric vehicles more affordable for working families
> Reduce pollution that harms public health 
... and more!


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Transforming impacted communities into healthy, resilient ones

No one knows what a community needs better than the community itself. That's why Dream.Org is launching our Transformative Communities initiative. We're engaging with 10 priority communities to help unlock federal climate dollars that meet their unique needs. Because putting communities first is the only way to make sure the green transition is equitable.
2023 Communities
Fresno, California
Washington, D.C.
Denver, Colorado
Miami-Dade, Florida
Detroit, Michigan
Las Vegas, Nevada
Riverside + San Bernardino, California
Lumbee River, North Carolina
Savannah, Georgia
Richmond, California

Our Approach

1) Build partnerships with community-based organizations
We lean on stakeholders who are rooted in the community to guide our efforts. 

2)  Help communities apply for funding
We collaboratively identify opportunites and help develop proposals for shovel-ready projects

3) Deploy equitable, community-based solutions
We will implement projects that serve the community's unique needs while prioritizing minority-owned businesses.  
What would you do with $369 billion for your community?
The future starts with a dream.
The future starts with us.
Black woman standing in front of protestors.