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Partnering to Maximize National Green Bank Network's Impact

July 27, 2023

Coalition for Green Capital and Green For All Announce Strategic Partnership to Bolster National Green Bank Network’s Impact in Low-Income and Disadvantaged Communities
The Urgency To Address The Climate Crisis In Marginalized Communities Cannot Be Overstated

Washington, DCThe Coalition for Green Capital (CGC) and Dream.Org today announced a transformative partnership aimed at driving clean energy investments to communities that have been neglected and disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis and extreme weather events. 

Green For All is a program of Dream.Org. The organization works to ensure that, as the green economy grows, all communities will benefit from good jobs, better health, and increased opportunity. 

With a shared vision for environmental justice, Green For All joins a growing coalition preparing to seek funding from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) to establish a nationwide green bank network. This network will serve as a powerful tool to channel resources and financing to clean energy projects in low-income and disadvantaged communities (LIDCs).

“We’re thrilled to welcome Dream.Org to our growing coalition. Their expertise and commitment to environmental justice will help us maximize the impact of this once-in-a-lifetime investment of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund,” said Reed Hundt, Chairman of the Board and CEO of CGC. “Together, we are poised to tackle the pressing climate crisis head-on and accelerate the Administration's ambitious vision of transitioning to a clean energy economy. What truly sets this collaboration apart is our shared dedication to uplifting low-income and disadvantaged communities, ensuring they lead the way in reaping the rewards of this transformative energy future."

"Our new partnership with Green For All is a significant milestone in our commitment to fight climate change in the communities that need it most," said Eli Hopson, Executive Director and COO of CGC. "Through this collaboration and the launch of a national green bank network, we aim to create lasting impact by mobilizing resources and clean energy investments in low-income and disadvantaged neighborhoods, fostering resilience and sustainability."

"The urgency to address the climate crisis in marginalized communities cannot be overstated," said Jessie Buendia, Vice President of Sustainability and Green For All National Director at Dream.Org. "This partnership with the Coalition for Green Capital will enable us to take significant strides in advancing environmental justice, building resilience, and ensuring that no community is left behind in the transition to a greener future."

“Through this strategic partnership, we are placing a strong emphasis on environmental justice, recognizing that the burden of the climate crisis disproportionately falls on marginalized communities,” said William J. Barber III, Chief Consultant of Environmental Justice and Equity for CGC. “At this moment, commitments to environmental and climate justice must lead to changed economic outcomes for communities that have too long faced environmental impacts and persistent poverty. Our partnership with Dream.Org represents the type of multi-organizational effort that will be necessary to ensure we deploy energy investments by and with communities to address the multi-faceted challenges they face. These partnerships are our last best chance at ensuring that this transition happens at the scale and with the specificity it needs to.”

This partnership builds upon CGC's track record of fostering public-private partnerships and Green For All's strong grassroots connections and commitment to advocating for climate solutions that uplift those most affected by climate change. Together, they aim to make a tangible difference by driving investments in clean energy projects and empowering communities to lead the way in addressing the climate crisis.

CGC has announced similar partnerships with Michigan Saves; Colorado Clean Energy Fund; Missouri Green Bank; Puerto Rico Green Energy Trust; Finance New Orleans; the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority (HGIA); CleanSource Capital; the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank; Columbus Region Green Fund (CRGF); Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF); the Climate Access Fund; Clean Energy Fund of Texas; Growth Opportunity Partners, Inc.; the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance (CDVCA); DC Green Bank, Connecticut Green Bank, the Inter-Tribal Trade Consortium (ITTC) and Enervee.



The Green For All team at Dream.Org is working at federal, state, and local levels to ensure that disadvantaged communities are priority recipients of the historic $369 billion in Inflation Reduction Act funding. Working with communities, entrepreneurs, agencies, and lawmakers, we are building an inclusive green economy that uplifts minority-owned businesses, addresses systemic inequities, and promotes public health for everyone. 


The Coalition for Green Capital (CGC), doing business as the American Green Bank Consortium, is a 501(c)(3) chartered specifically to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of air pollution and redress climate and energy related environmental injustice. Green banks are a proven finance model that uses public and philanthropic funds to mobilize private investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and other decarbonization technologies. For over a decade, the Coalition for Green Capital has led the Green Bank movement, working at the federal, state and local levels in the U.S. and countries around the world. For more information, visit the CGC website.

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