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Build meaningful connections across divides — join the Dream.Org Day of Dialogue

September 09, 2022


Join us for the first-ever Dream.Org Day of Dialogue!

How do we solve our biggest problems in a deeply divided country? It starts with listening to each other. Believe it or not, many communities are already successful at building bridges and crafting meaningful solutions to those problems locally. And, with your involvement, it’s a model we know we can recreate throughout the country, showing ourselves and our neighbors that we share more than we thought.

Join Dream.Org and our community partners to learn how people from different partisan, racial, and economic backgrounds can find — and have found — common ground on the most important issues of today to build a brighter tomorrow. At the Dream.Org Day of Dialogue, we’re coming together to learn about effective, tested solutions to work through differences and disagreements. Through dialogue, we’ll foster understanding and identify breakthrough, common-ground solutions.

Join us in our Launch City or virtually from your own home this September. RSVP below to learn how you can take part in the work that’s healing our country while moving the needle forward on the change that we know needs to happen for people across our nation.

Join us in Winston-Salem, North Carolina - Wednesday, Sep 21st, 5:30 pm ET

Join us from anywhere - RSVP for the Virtual event - Saturday, Sep 24th, 12:30 pm ET

About the Dialogues Program

America is more united than many of us appreciate. Dream.Org’s Dialogue Program celebrates that by leading conversations that showcase the rich common ground shared by people and organizations across and within movement spaces, like climate change. By looking past the positions that divide to find the values that unite us, we can enable bold, broad, and creative solutions to take off. 

The Dialogues Program facilitates public and private community conversations, helping unlikely allies align on strategy and centering equity at every step of the way. Curious about how to bring Green For All’s Dialogue program to your own work, community, or program? Reach out to dialogues@dream.org. Have more questions, visit our Dream.Org Day of Dialogue FAQ.

Download the 5 Steps for a Conversation Across Difference

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