Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated September 9, 2022

Who is the Dream.Org Day of Dialogue for?

  • The Dream.Org Day of Dialogue is for changemakers, advocates, activists, curious community members, and anyone interested in working across differences to create a better future for all. We welcome participants of all identities, backgrounds, political affiliations, and issue area expertise. In North Carolina, we are focusing on the intersection of mass incarceration and green economic futures. Join us in Winston-Salem, NC.

I’m a part of an organization in or near Winston-Salem, NC and I want to get my organization and team involved in the Dream.Org Day of Dialogue. How can we get involved?

  • The Dream.Org Day of Dialogue is made possible because of the partnership and work with our communities on the ground. We would love to work with your team to feature and amplify your work, learn from your local expertise, and bring your members and team members to the event. Please email with your partnership inquiry and we’d love to discuss how to best collaborate. 

I’m not located in North Carolina, and I am interested in getting involved in the Dream.Org Day of Dialogue. How can I get involved?

  • We welcome participants from all over the country. Please join us for our virtual event on September 24th, where we’ll bring together in-person and virtual audiences for story sharing, musical guests, and an introduction to our Dialogues Toolkit. Sign up here to receive the Toolkit!
  • If you are interested in co-hosting a future in-person convening in your own community, please reach out to our team at

What will the Dream.Org Day of Dialogue events involve? 

  • The Dream.Org Day of Dialogue will consist of a combination of networking and connection, facilitated dialogue, performance and collaborative art, great local food, and solutioneering towards the future. Expect to use your mind, heart, body, and soul, and bring your expertise to the table – we need your knowledge for the future of our climate.
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