Climate Career Pathways Scholarship Fund
Shaping the Future, Sustaining Our Planet.

Climate change is an undeniable reality, requiring immediate and sustained action.

At Dream.Org, we understand that equipping our generation with the skills to combat and adapt to this change is paramount. We believe in creating pathways for untapped talent to pioneer green innovation, foster sustainable development, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
As part of our commitment, we are launching the Climate Career Pathways Scholarship Fund. We are investing in future leaders of the Climate and Sustainability sectors by providing up to $3,500 in scholarships for trainings, courses and professional certifications in these fields.
Get up to $3,500 to shape the future & sustain our planet!
“Dream.Org gave me the chance to learn about climate tech and sustainability. I was hesitant at first, wondering how I could fit into a field with no prior experience. But, with the support I received, I got to participate in the LACI Microgrid Maintenance Fellowship Program. I learned about the microgrid industry and its role in producing clean energy. Now, I'm doing work that aligns with my values, and it's all thanks to Dream.Org."
-Stephen Boardley, climate tech scholarship recipient
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A Stepping Stone to your Career in Sustainability

Dream.Org’s Climate Career Pathways Scholarship Fund

This initiative targets areas where the transition towards sustainability is most crucial — energy, business, environmental, transportation, and infrastructure sectors. With the right knowledge and skills, we believe you can help mitigate climate change, adapt to its impact, and contribute to understanding its causes.

We aim to help individuals explore an array of job and career paths within the broad spectrum of climate and sustainability, from renewable energy technicians to environmental lawyers, and from clean car engineers to green building professionals.
Our scholarship recipients will play integral roles in creating a sustainable future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, embracing renewable energy systems, improving energy efficiency, promoting conservation, and developing climate-smart innovation and technology.

While the application period for this cycle has closed, there will be future opportunities to turn your passion for sustainability into a fulfilling career. We encourage you to sign up for updates to ensure you don't miss out on future application periods!

Have more questions about our scholarship? Check out our frequently asked questions.
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