Climate Tech Career Pathways
Scholarship Fund FAQs
Who is eligible to apply?

Dream.Org is an equal opportunity/affirmative action organization. It encourages applications from all qualified applicants regardless of race, sex, gender identity, age, disability, religion, national origin, citizenship status, sexual orientation, veteran status, or whether the criminal justice system has impacted you. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strive for a workforce that reflects the populations that we serve. We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to submit their applications with an emphasis on people coming from Black and Brown and underrepresented communities, Veterans, and individuals with a disability. 

Therefore, the eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • 18 years of age or older as of the application deadline.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Be an underrepresented person pursuing a climate tech and sustainability role in the climate sector, or upskilling, particularly members of the Black or African American, Hispanic or Latinx, Native American or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and Asian communities.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or resident and reside in one of the 50 U.S. states for tax purposes. 
  • A valid bank account under the recipient's name, to receive the award via direct deposit. 

Should you want to pursue this scholarship, there are a few types of applicants we can support:

  • One in pursuit of a qualified climate tech sector certification, college degree, or other within six months of the award.
  • One enrolled in a qualified climate tech sector certification, college degree, or other.
  • One who has completed a qualified climate tech sector certification, college degree, or other in the last year.

What education or upskilling source is qualified? It should be offered by one of the following: 

  • An accredited academic institution such as a technical training program, community college, or 4-year university. 
  • An accredited organization that is acknowledged as best in class.
When is the application deadline?

March 8th 2024 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time Zone

How and when are funds issued?

Funds will be distributed via direct deposit to the bank information you provided in your profile. You will receive an email invitation to create your profile and upload your personal banking information. Please use your legal name or the one registered with your bank to avoid the deposit being rejected. You will receive an email notification once your funds have been issued. Please note funds cannot be reissued/requested to bank accounts listed in someone else's name.

How will I be notified about the status of my application?

Notifications are sent primarily via email to the email you used to create your account. Some programs offer text notifications. Ultimately, it is your responsibility as the applicant to verify your application status is complete.

Which school should I list on the application if I have not made a final decision?
You should list your first-choice school on the application. You can change your choice any time prior to the application deadline. You will be asked to confirm your final school choice if selected as a recipient. You must show proof of your submitted program application. If your school changes after the acceptance deadline, you will be able to update this information by emailing
What are my responsibilities if I am chosen as a recipient?
  • If awarded, you must also agree to attend our Scholarship Pledge Webinar. 
  • You must provide proof of enrollment or proof of degree completion no later than April 2024. 
  • You must continue the entire program without interruption unless the scholarship sponsor approves. 
  • You should notify Dream.Org should your deposit not arrive within 10 business days of the issue date. You will receive an email notification when your funds are issued. 
  • If awarded, you agree to check in once a quarter and attend Dream.Org events. Examples include our professional development series. 
  • Every three months, you will be asked to complete a survey and or journal entry detailing your progress in the awarded educational opportunity, and any life events due to that opportunity. These include promotions, job changes, salary raises, etc. This information is invaluable to the future health and growth of the Dream.Org Climate Tech Career Pathways Scholarship Fund.
  • Joining the Dream.Org member network slack and mailing list to receive emails and text messages.  
How can I contact you?

Address: 436 14th St, Suite 920, Oakland, CA 94612

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