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Brittany Dohman
Government Affairs Associate
Brittany M. Dohman, currently serving as the Government Affairs Associate at Dream.Org, epitomizes a passionate and tireless dedication to justice, leveraging her extensive and prestigious 5+ years of experience in policy analysis, strategic communications, and qualitative and quantitative research. Within the organization, she holds a pivotal role, orchestrating company-wide lobbying endeavors and leading compliance training initiatives that empower the policy team to engage with over 80 elected officials in 2023.

Brittany's illustrious career trajectory includes impactful internships and fellowships at renowned institutions such as NASA, EMILY's List, The Ron Walters Center for Public Policy and Politics, and the United States Senate. Her commitment extends beyond the professional realm, as evidenced by her passion for community service and her role as Co-Founder of the Scholar Network in 2020—a nonprofit dedicated to empowering students with tools and resources to strategically address and resolve pressing issues in their communities.

A proud graduate of Howard University, Ms. Dohman finds joy in reading, baking, and cherishing quality time with her husband, dog, and daughter. Her dynamic career not only reflects a steadfast commitment to justice but also showcases a relentless pursuit of positive change in the policy landscape. Brittany's multifaceted experiences and dedication underscore her as a leader in the field, driving meaningful transformations in pursuit of a more equitable society.

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