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Tech Member Spotlight: Chrystal N'guessan

January 18, 2023

For Chrystal N'guessan, the biggest benefit of the Dream.Org Tech Scholarship wasn't just the money. 

"The main thing was the confidence that came from the realization that there are others who are willing to champion me and my success."

Chrystal always had a passion for technology, innovation, and learning. So making the jump into the tech sector was a no-brainer — except for the financial cost. 

"I really wanted to get into this field, but [tech] certifications are very expensive! So I started looking for different scholarships and grants… That’s how I found out about the Dream.Org Tech Scholarship Fund."

The Dream.Org Tech Scholarship Fund was made to support underrepresented individuals seeking to up-skill and advance their tech career options, ultimately helping to address the disparity of diversity in the technology workforce.

With the $1,500 she received from the Tech Scholarship Fund, Chrystal acquired a Certified Ethical Hacker certification. Now she’s a consultant with Deloitte, aspiring to become a Cybersecurity Engineer Consultant on one of their digital customer projects. 

"The Dream.Org Tech Scholarship was very instrumental in pushing me forward in my tech career. They were willing to give me this chance, you know? The biggest benefit really is just that awareness that I wasn't alone."

And she’s not - the Tech program exists to provide opportunities to underrepresented communities – giving them the training and tools they need to become architects of the future. 

All the while cultivating a diverse community of Tech cohort participants, scholarship recipients, entrepreneurs, and mentors all aligned towards the same goal: to create a pipeline of diverse talent that will shift the culture of the tech sector.

That being said, the Tech team at Dream.Org has big plans for 2023 - If you haven't already, click here to join our evergreen pipeline of talent and be the first to know about future training, scholarship and job opportunities as soon as they open.

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