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Dream.Org and Fifty One Ai Partner To Launch AI Tools That Scale Justice

May 20, 2024

The new Ai-centered partnership will help social justice-based organizations more quickly impact communities and help solve America’s toughest problems.

Rachael Payton, Director of Communications

Washington, D.C. - May 20, 2024 - Dream.Org, one of the nation’s leading nonprofits committed to closing prison doors and opening doors of opportunity, today announced a new partnership with Fifty One Ai to provide AI tools for advocacy organizations to scale their impact. The founding FiFty One Ai team includes serial impact-driven entrepreneur CEO Wa’il Ashshowwaf, nationally recognized AI expert and Chief AI Officer Noelle Russell, and Chief Justice Officer Justin Moore.

“We want to close the justice gap for millions of people,” said Wa’il Ashshowwaf. “For the first time in history, we have the opportunity to create something that can truly scale and disrupt the often hard, slow, and expensive process of justice.” In 2016, Wa’il founded Unstuck Labs, a startup studio that provides educational resources and networking opportunities for marginalized entrepreneurs.

Fifty One Ai’s mission as a public benefit company is to use AI to increase capacity to achieve justice. Their tools are designed to improve traditional, outdated workflows that slow down the process of achieving justice. “My goal is to ensure our AI is ethical, transparent, and beneficial for the communities we serve. Every algorithm we design is a step towards a more equitable world,” said Noelle Russell. By creating the first Large Advocacy Model (LAM), which integrates automation, reporting, and AI agents, Fifty One Ai will help organizations overcome these challenges and increase their impact.

“For people impacted by the criminal justice system, technology has historically been a source of oppression, but this project will empower directly impacted communities by using AI to make change,,”  said Dream.Org’s Chief Advocacy Officer, Janos Marton. Under Janos’ leadership, Dream.Org’s Justice team is one hundred percent justice-impacted and works to help advocates across the country enact better public safety and criminal justice reform policies. As an investor, Dream.Org will serve as the initial case study for the startup.

About Dream.Org:
Dream.Org is a national nonprofit organization working to close prison doors and open doors of opportunity in the advocacy, tech and climate sectors. We use a common ground approach to bring together unlikely allies to make the American dream a reality – for everyone. Learn more at dream.org.

About FiftyOne Ai:
Fifty One AI is a public benefit company using AI to scale justice. Its tools disrupt slow, outdated legacy workflows. By creating the first Large Advocacy Model, integrating automation, reporting, and AI agents, Fifty One AI empowers organizations to amplify their impact. Supported by Dream.org, Fifty One AI aims to close the justice gap for millions of people Learn more at: fiftyoneai.com.

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