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Cleantech and Sustainability Scholarship

October 03, 2022

Did you know that cleantech jobs pay about 25% more than the average hourly wage? That means you could be earning thousands of dollars more each year while shaping our future and protecting our environment. So what’s keeping you from getting started?

If you’re like too many people of color, the answer is simple: cost. Just getting the education and skills you need is sometimes a barrier to these high-paying jobs.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the first-ever Dream.Org Cleantech and Sustainability Scholarship, made possible with support from Amazon! We’re looking for Black, Latinx, and underrepresented Asian/Pacific Islander job seekers who want to advance their careers or enter the green economy.

These jobs are growing an an incredible rate, and do more than you may realize. For instance, at Amazon, Hazardous Waste Specialists manage noxious materials while Safety Specialists manage environmental policies on-site related to stormwater run-off, wildfire, clean air, recycling etc. These specialists manage a substantial portfolio of regulations to ensure compliance.

Getting Started in Sustainable Energy and Cleantech

U.S. workers who completed upskilling programs over the past year have seen an average salary increase of 8.6%—the equivalent of an additional $8,000 on average in their annual earnings.

Having a construction, mechanics or electrician background is a good start, but even learning about cloud computing can help you be a part of the future of renewable energy. College degrees aren’t necessary. With a $3500 scholarship, you might pursue a program or certification to complete:

We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to submit their application with an emphasis on people coming from the Black and Brown and underrepresented communities, Veterans, and individuals with a disability. 

Kickstart your Cleantech Career

What you need to know:

Can I apply? If you are 18 or older, live in the U.S. and are interested in going into or furthering a career in the cleantech and sustainable energy sector, you can apply.

What can I use the money for? Here are just a few examples of what can you put the funds to:

  • Technical certifications
  • Professional training and apprenticeships
  • Coursework fees and materials! 

Apply before the December 2, 2022 deadline.

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