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Dream.Org Supports Chairman Carper’s Permitting Reform Proposal

May 18, 2023


Today, Senator Carper (D-Del.) and Senator Schwartz (D-Hawai‘i) proposed the Promoting Efficient and Engaged Reviews (PEER) Act of 2023. The draft bill is a promising step towards permitting reform that will accelerate the deployment of energy and infrastructure projects. The proposal also includes key provisions on environmental justice, community engagement, and transparency in data reporting. After the announcement of the proposal, Dream.Org National Campaign Director Jameka Hodnett issued the following statement: 

“We are pleased to support the PEER Act of 2023 so that we can unlock historic climate investments from the Inflation Reduction Act and deploy clean energy infrastructure without exacerbating existing racial, health, and economic disparities. In particular, we applaud the inclusion of community impact reporting, which will assess the impacts of a proposed project on environmental justice communities. We also commend the bill’s numerous transparency measures like meaningful engagement and interagency environmental data coordination. Even though we remain concerned about efforts looking to use permitting reform as a way to undermine community and environmental protections, we are encouraged by the bill's balanced approach that prioritizes equity while paving the way for needed infrastructure improvements such as high-voltage transmission lines and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Dream.Org looks forward to continuing to work with Congress and the Biden Administration to center frontline communities as we work to accelerate the green transition.” 

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