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Q: How much more likely is a child to experience asthma symptoms if they live in a home with a gas stove?

A: 42%

The air you breathe in your own home can be a ticking time bomb for your lungs if you have gas appliances. The levels of these hazardous pollutants in buildings with gas stoves can be so high that they surpass the outdoor pollution standards set by the United States.

Replacing gas appliances with clean alternatives can drastically improve indoor air quality, reducing pollution that contributes to high asthma rates and climate change.

What can you do?

The Inflation Reduction Act has made $369 billion available tackle problems like this. But when it comes to projects that fight climate change, one size does not fit all. We want to hear from you so we can tell your representatives what projects you want these historic climate investments to fund.

Click this link and tell us how you would spend the money.

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