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October Green Tea

November 13, 2023

Dream.Org’s Green For All is full speed ahead on our commitment to promoting innovation and ensuring a future that is Green For All. On October 26, ten finalists of our Climate Tech Launchpad showcased their green businesses to a national audience at VERGE. Dream.Org awarded $25,000 to two peer-selected innovators to help scale their innovative solutions. All 10 finalists received $5,000 for participating in the 12-week professional development program. Thanks to Dream.Org and our partners, these innovators are now better positioned to scale their solutions while increasing diversity in the climate tech space. Read more about the event here.

Climate Tech Launchpad Finalists with Dream.Org Chief Strategy Officer Michelle Romero and National Director Tech, Kasheef Wyzard.

In October, Dream.Org partnered with hundreds of organizations on a leading Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund proposal submission to create an equitable national green bank network. Green For All’s presence on this coalition is an essential part of ensuring that IRA funds are distributed equitably and that community voices are represented at every step of the process. If awarded, Dream.Org will help develop programs that build job skills that support green infrastructure projects in disadvantaged communities. Read our announcement here

The Green For All team has also been working alongside thousands of our supporters to defend the Inflation Reduction Act from funding cuts as Congress makes budget decisions. We hosted a webinar to educate our supporters, facilitated a call-in day to legislators, and collected stories from individuals to raise awareness about the Inflation Reduction Act, its massive potential impact on climate change, and the historic opportunity to create health and wealth opportunities for communities of color.

We also mobilized our supporters to preserve efforts to improve energy efficiency standards for new homes by opposing Amendment #1237 to H.R. 4266 proposed by Senator Rubio (R-FL). Thousands of supporters signed a petition in opposition and we released a statement about the harmful effects of this legislation. Read more here

Looking Ahead

Dream.Org will be at the United Nations Climate Change Conference - the world’s most important climate gathering - from December 3-9. Dream.Org is approved as an observer and submitted comments recommending climate disaster mitigation measures that better protect frontline communities and advocating for the importance of equitable government spending.  

Dream.Org is hosting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Nevada Climate Convening on December 11, 2023, which will convene federal, state, and local government actors, community organizations, minority entrepreneurs, and financial institutions to provide education, technical assistance, and networking to draw down federal funding for climate and environmental justice.

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