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No Fleet Left Behind

August 23, 2022

Taking Charge: Supporting Small Fleets in the Transition to Zero Emission Trucks

From local delivery vans to semi trucks, medium and heavy duty vehicles keep the U.S. economy moving, but they release toxic pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions that threaten public health and contribute to climate change. The resulting consequences of pollution exposure and climate change land most heavily on low income communities of color. More policies and investments are beginning to advance the adoption of zero emission trucks (ZETs) that run on clean electricity instead of diesel. However, not all stakeholders are equally equipped to make the transition. In particular, small and minority owned trucking businesses have limited access to capital and face numerous challenges obtaining information and funding. A more equitable transition must ensure these trucking businesses have access to the assistance, financing, and support needed to successfully adopt zero emission trucks.

Through a digital survey and interviews with small and minority fleet owners, fleet electrification experts, labor and environmental justice advocates, agency officials, and others, Green For All set out to explore the anticipated barriers and recommended solutions that small and minority fleet owners have regarding the adoption of zero emission trucks. Detailed findings and recommendations for policy-makers, agency officials, and advocates alike can be found in the report.

Download the Full Report Here

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