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Dream.Org Secures NBA Foundation Grant to Launch Dream Justice Youth Cohort

November 28, 2023

Dream.Org Secures NBA Foundation Grant to Empower Justice-Impacted Phoenix and Sacramento Communities through Dream Justice Youth Cohort 

(November 28, 2023) Oakland, Calif. – Dream.Org today announced the receipt of a substantial grant awarded by the NBA Foundation that will expand Dream.Org’s established leadership, workforce development and advocacy skills program to assist justice-impacted Black and Brown youth in Sacramento, CA and Phoenix, AZ. The Dream Justice Youth Cohort will provide up to 25 young people between the ages of 18-24 with targeted training, equipping them to become community leaders and find job opportunities in the justice reform and nonprofit space. 

"Dream.Org's commitment to uplifting young adults who have experienced the criminal justice system aligns with the pressing need for transformative programs,” NBA Foundation Director Greg Taylor said. “We're proud to support Dream.Org's Dream Justice Youth Cohort, and we anticipate a lasting impact that will change the trajectory of these young adult’s lives forever.”

Beyond the acquired skills and newfound empowerment, each cohort member who completes the program will be awarded a $1500 scholarship from Dream.Org. This financial investment affords them the flexibility to navigate their trajectory, be it advancing their education or pursuing specialized certifications in line with their aspirations.

"Youth involved with the criminal justice system deserve not just a second chance, but also support and belief in their growth. We create a future beyond poverty & prisons -- not only for them as individuals, but also for their peers, their families & their communities,” said Nisha Anand, CEO of Dream.Org. “We are grateful to the NBA Foundation for their support and are excited to be a part of transforming the lives of 25 young people.”

Over a span of three months of intensive training followed by an additional three months of mentorship by Dream.Org’s Justice team, the cohort equips participants with essential life and workforce development skills. These skills encompass initiating a career as an advocate, establishing a 501(c)(3) legally designated nonprofit, engaging with local, state, and federal stakeholders, developing campaigns over time, utilizing social media, virtual events, and online tools for organizing, and adeptly managing content.



Dream.Org works to make the American dream a reality - for all of us. We close prison doors and open doors of opportunity. We bring people together across racial, social, and partisan lines to create a future with freedom, dignity, and opportunity for all. Learn more at Dream.Org.



The NBA Foundation is a non-profit organization established and initially funded by all 30 NBA teams. The Foundation is focused on driving economic opportunity and empowerment in the Black community. 

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