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Join the Kentucky Public Health is Public Safety Tour!

April 29, 2024

Let’s make Kentucky communities safer together by prioritizing public health as public safety. When everyone has access to proper resources and education on substance use disorder, mental health, and harm reduction, our communities are safer.

For 2nd summer in a row, we will kick off a series of thought-provoking conversations about these topics to bring about change in Kentucky's drug policy. It's time for everyone to have access to recovery resources so that we can uplift and support our families and communities. No one should be criminalized for their substance use and mental health issues.

Join us for an interactive session featuring insights from harm reduction specialists, law enforcement, business and faith leaders, and hear from those who have been directly affected by these issues. Help our mission to support formerly incarcerated Black Kentuckians disproportionately impacted by the state's drug policies. 

Hundreds of Kentuckians joined last summer - don't miss out this year! Participate in one of our five upcoming events: 

Let's work together to create a safer Kentucky for all! 

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