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Dream.Org Partners on Coalition for Green Capital Application to Build a National Green Bank

October 12, 2023

Today, Dream.Org formally supports the Coalition for Green Capital’s (CGC) grant application for funding from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund as a participating partner in the creation of a national green bank. The proposal that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received today is expected to generate $35 billion in public-private investment for clean energy projects within one year of receiving funds and generate 3.7 million new jobs by 2035. Dream.Org has collaborated with CGC and hundreds of partners as a leading voice for equity and community engagement since the program was announced earlier this year. 

In response to this accomplishment, Dream.Org Green For All National Director Jessie Buendia issued the following statement: 

“At Dream.Org, we believe local communities are the experts on the problems they face and the solutions they need to solve them. Thanks to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, we are now closer than ever to building an inclusive green economy that disadvantaged communities desperately need and have long deserved.

Our partnership with the Coalition for Green Capital will help ensure that community engagement and technical assistance are integrated into the creation of a national green bank, which will be the most catalytic climate investment of our time. By collaborating with hundreds of partners and with support from thousands of communities across the nation, we can unlock unprecedented investment in communities most impacted by climate change. Dream.Org looks forward to the EPA’s continued commitment to prioritizing equity in their decision-making process.” 

Read more about our top six recommendations for meaningful community engagement in our recently released report.


At Dream.Org, we bring people together across racial, social, and partisan lines. Through our Justice, Tech, and Green For All programs, we are working towards an America with fewer people behind bars, less pollution, and greater opportunities for underserved communities.

For the past two years, Dream.Org’s Climate Investment experts have worked to mobilize support for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) by building bridges among partners, launching community engagement initiatives, and conducting knowledge-building campaigns in order to increase awareness about the fund's impact, as well as the benefits of green banks across the country. We’ve been strong advocates for a national green bank because we recognize the importance of leveraging capital in disadvantaged communities and supporting BIPOC entrepreneurs to reduce emissions and create opportunity. Through the efforts of our climate investment team, our policy recommendations played a crucial role in shaping the overall GGRF and mobilizing tens of thousands of Americans.  Dream.Org was a co-chair in CGC's Community Investments Working Group and played a key role in developing its 3-5-7 framework and incorporating Justice40 principles throughout CGC’s National Clean Investment Fund proposal. 

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