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Introducing Dream.Org

Introducing Dream.Org

As of today, Dream Corps has become Dream.Org - same drive, same spirit, but even bigger ambition.

We’ve always dreamed big here. We knew it was possible to find common ground on criminal justice reform, the climate crisis, and changing the future of the tech industry. And our approach has made dreams real: winning bipartisan criminal justice reform that brought 18,000+ people home from behind bars, placing our tech cohort graduates in jobs with $70,000 starting salaries, and delivering $55.5 billion in federal funding for green investments.

So, why the change? We’ve felt for some time that our “outside” didn’t necessarily reflect that magic and passion that happens behind the scenes here every day. We also realized that this moment – and our mission – demands more urgency and a bigger response than we were offering. Countless people struggle to make ends meet, too many are locked behind bars, and too few share in growing industries & wealth building. Despite the enormous challenges we face as a country, we are often unable or unwilling to come together to solve them.

But America is also overflowing with people full of compassion and creativity. As our founder Van Jones puts it, our challenge is not overcoming the “awful people” who traffic in bigotry and anger. It is enlisting the “awesome people” who want change without hate, solutions instead of blame, and bridge-building with a purpose. 

Dream.Org is the first organization dedicated solely to those awesome people –  a home for changemakers dedicated to making dreams real, together. 

I talk to so many people who feel like there is no place for them. People who:

  • Reject the notion of a zero-sum game where only some benefit: white or black, urban or rural, liberals or conservatives.
  • Believe America’s best days are before us, not in the past
  • Refuse to retreat to siloes and prioritize unity and healing over division and shame
  • Yearn to come together and build bridges – not for the sake of it, but to deliver real solutions for people who are hurting.
  • Trust the people closest to the pain know what solutions we need, and want to connect them with those who have capacity to create change. 

Exhausted by dysfunction and division? Want to make America better, not angrier? Love finding solutions more than pointing fingers? Then Dream.Org is for you.

Our commitment to low-income, Black and Brown communities, and people who are often left behind and left out of the American Dream will not change. Nor will our desire to build common ground – even with those who disagree with us. In these divided times, collaboration takes courage. Reaching across racial and political lines can be risky and lonely. We need co-conspirators and partners who can collaborate, strategize, and help us scale our proven model to meet the deep need before us. 

We envision a movement committed to crossing divides, spurring innovation, enacting solutions, and inspiring the world – one that can fundamentally change how people come together to solve America’s toughest problems and create a tipping point for systemic change where love and unity outpace hate and division.

Are you in? Then I encourage you to find a way to get more involved today.


Nisha Anand


Making Dreams Real – Together

The future starts with a dream.
The future starts with us.
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