Dream Justice Cohort FAQs
Who is eligible to apply?
Dream.Org is an equal opportunity/affirmative action organization. It encourages applications from all qualified applicants regardless of race, sex, gender identity, age, disability, religion, national origin, citizenship status, sexual orientation, veteran status, or whether the criminal justice system has impacted you. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strive for a criminal justice reform that is lead by those impacted by it. We encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to submit their applications with an emphasis on people who are justice impacted by the legal system. If you are newer to advocacy or have a few years under your belt, this is the cohort for you.

Therefore, the eligibility criteria are as follows:
     -18 years of age or older as of the application deadline.
And (one of the following):
     -Justice Impacted (impacted by the Legal System)
     -Indirectly Impacted (Family Member, Significant Other, Friend)
     -A supporter of Justice Reform
When is the application deadline?
Saturday, May 13th at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time
How will I be notified about the status of my application?
Notifications are sent primarily via the email you submitted in your application. Every applicant will receive a notice about their application. If you are not contacted within 2 weeks of your application, the email you submitted included an error.
What is the timeframe of the cohort?
June 7th until December 15th, 2023. The trainings will take place from August 3rd to October 29th, 2023.
Where will the cohort take place?
The model for the cohort is a hybrid between in-person and virtual meetings. There will be 3 in-person weekends (August, September, & October) and virtual training will take place 2 times per month, either on a Tuesday or Thursday (August, September, & October). The in-person locations of the cohort will be announced to those selected at orientation. Below are the dates:

In-Person Training Dates
     -August 3-6th
     -September 7-10th
     -October 26-29th

Virtual Training Dates
     -June 7th Evening
     -July 11th Evening
     -July 20th Evening
     -August 10th Evening
     -August 22nd Evening
     -September 19th Evening
     -October 5th Evening
     -November 28th Evening
     -December 1st Evening
Will travel be financially covered?
While every member may incur some personal costs throughout the cohort, all airfare, hotel, and most meals costs will be covered by Dream.Org for the in-person trainings.

What are my responsibilities if I am chosen as a cohort member?
All cohort members must attend all training sessions (in-person and virtual). Every cohort member will be paired with a mentor who they will be required to meet with on a biweekly basis.
How can I contact you?
Brittany Lee, Empathy Network Manager
Email: Brittany.Lee@Dream.Org
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