Dream Entrepreneurs Network
Unlocking talent and genius.

Redefining inclusive innovation

People who have been left out and left behind hold untapped genius. To solve our nation's toughest problems, we need everyone's innovative ideas to create impactful solutions, especially from underserved and system-impacted individuals who are closest to the systemic challenges they face.

The Dream Entrepreneurs Network is a group of innovators who are on the cutting edge of creating solutions that transform communities most impacted by climate change and mass incarceration. 

They have overcome disproportionate barriers to breakthrough into their respective sectors, and still face unique challenges in scaling their businesses.

That’s where Dream.Org comes in. Leveraging our expertise in policy, bridge building, and partnerships, we help members of the Dream Entrepreneurs Network pursue their dreams, scale their solutions, and create a more equitable future for all.

Founders First
We prioritize founders with a shared lived experience so they can more easily connect, learn, and grow from a community of fellow underserved and system-impacted innovators.
Game Changing Collaborations
Collaboration sustains innovation and is necessary for creating breakthrough technologies that overcome systemic barriers. We’re leveraging a new approach to fundamentally change the way stakeholders come together across sectors.
Force Multipliers
Shared lived experiences combined with a common purpose strengthens community, and the Dream Entrepreneurs Network is no exception. When we join together to pursue our dreams, we multiply our impact.
-Policy Briefings
-Government Relations 
-Funding Opportunities
-Grant Writing Support
-Curated Workshops
-Exclusive Invites to Premier Events 
-Public & Private Sector Networking

Latest News & Initiatives

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