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John Fabricius
Senior Engagement & Legislative Campaigner
John A. Fabricius is the Senior Engagement & Legislative Campaigner for the Justice program. John's journey through the criminal legal system is multifaceted. He has experienced the system both as a family member of an incarcerated individual and through his 15-year sentence in the Arizona Department of Corrections. His decades of personal experience underpins his unwavering commitment to justice reform.

While incarcerated, John earned a paralegal degree and an Associates degree from Rio Salado college. He assisted hundreds of his fellow incarcerated individuals in accessing the courts to litigate post-conviction relief, habeas corpus, and civil rights claims in state and federal courts. John also assisted in researching department policy, writing grievances, and communicating with attorneys or the courts. After his incarceration, John worked as a paralegal for an attorney in Tucson, Arizona whose practice focused solely on prisoner civil rights claims.

John is a co-founder and Executive Director of Arizonans for Transparency and Accountability in Corrections (ATAC), an Arizona non-profit solely dedicated to the creation and implementation of independent oversight of the Arizona prison system. John has published a proposal, written legislation, advocated and championed the cause of transparency and accountability within the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation, and Reentry since his release from prison in 2018. His leadership at ATAC has been pivotal in advocating for comprehensive, independent oversight of one of the nation's most draconian and challenging prison systems in the country. His efforts extend beyond organizational boundaries, involving collaboration with lawmakers, various organizations, directly impacted individuals, and a broad spectrum of political allies.
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